10 quick ways to market your blog

1. Write relevant content

You need to know your audience, know their pain points, and have a good understanding of your niche in order to write content that is not only relevant but interesting to them.

2. Create consistent content

Once you start producing content for your blog, it should be published regularly. It may seem like a difficult task, but if you really know your audience, you will be able to create at least one blog post a week that is of interest to them.

3. Share on social networks

When you publish a new blog post, always share it immediately with all your social media accounts. You want to be part of the promotion with pride of everything you post. If you don’t share it, why should they?

4. Share new posts on your email list

Every time you publish a blog post, write a blurb, link to the blog post, and add it to your autoresponder if it is evergreen or a broadcast if it is not evergreen. This will keep viewers coming back to your website and encourage them to share as well.

5. Add content updates to build your email list

Every blog post you publish is an opportunity to add content updates. A content update is content that you link to within a blog post that provides more information. Usually it will be downloadable, like a checklist or cheat sheet that requires an email address to receive.

6. Get involved in your niche community

Each niche has a community. You should participate in that community as much as possible so that people are curious about you and want to read your blog posts.

7. make new contacts every day

It is important to network and create contacts. Focus on very specific contacts, but not on anyone. Getting 100 a day won’t help if 100 people aren’t interested. Find the people who will be interested and contact them.

8. Pull your heart strings

If you can connect with your viewers on an emotional level, they will come back for more. Even if you’re blogging about business, you can show care, love, joy, and even sadness while connecting with your readers on a new level by being open yourself.

9. Create headlines that work well

Your headlines are important. Don’t try to trick readers into clicking and then providing a post about something totally irrelevant to the title or subject line. Instead, strive to provide a good keyword-rich title that piques your viewers’ curiosity to click.

10. Add visual highlights

The appearance of a publication is also important. Add visuals that enhance the message and draw attention to what you are trying to explain in the post. Take some of your own photos and don’t always use stock images as is; cut them out differently, add colors and make it look interesting. Don’t forget to name the image by the topic of the post.

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