A kitchen rooster brings you luck

Throughout different cultures the rooster has been a symbol of many things, one of the most predominant is luck. It is said that having some type of rooster in your kitchen brings you luck and could make you feel good. Here’s a little more information about roosters and rooster folklore.

First a little about real roosters. They do not lay eggs and are not necessary for egg production, but they are necessary if you want chicks. They protect the herd and will defend the family from predators. They can be tamed and become devoted pets if they are handled and worked frequently.

They can sing at any time, including at night. The song marks the territory, so the fewer roosters crow the less. One rooster per flock is all that is needed. In fact, a hen house with more than one rooster is only looking for trouble. You can keep a subordinate rooster if it is smaller than the larger hen. Which means that she runs the show.

On my favorite island of Oahu, wild roosters have reigned for over a thousand years. I found it a bit strange when I was at an outdoor barbecue eating chicken and a rooster came up and was standing by my table. But wild roosters and chickens have been roaming freely on this beautiful island for centuries. In fact, on Oahu, if you ask “Why did the chicken cross the street?” the answer would probably be “get to the beach”.

In Portugal there is the Galo de Barcelos, the national symbol of Portugal. What is a rooster that symbolizes honesty, integrity, trust and honor. The town of Barcelos is known for its earthenware and the most popular symbol is the Rooster. There are tons of stories and folklore from different cultures about roosters. The Rooster symbolizes many different things.

I remember seeing a story on the news last year about a wild rooster that lived in Manhattan. It was wreaking havoc on nearby neighbors’ sleepwear. A rescue group from a farm in upstate swooped in and tried to catch the rooster. First trying to lure him with food, a female rooster, and even a red blanket. The cunning rooster was not fooled by any of these tricks.

Finally, a resourceful rescuer was able to capture him with a net. Now, instead of disturbing the urban sleepers, the cunning rooster retreats to the upstate. With many girlfriends, fresh air and unlimited snacks. Not bad considering, whatever fate he must have escaped from, to be wandering the streets and neighborhoods of Manhattan.

In Chinese astrology, people who are born in certain years have a rooster sign. These people are quick, practical thinkers who don’t like to take unnecessary risks. They enjoy a keen sense of detail and always seem to know what is going on. Roosters are straightforward and love honesty. The rooster has a trusting demeanor and yet it is not easily fooled.

Roosters can be perfectionists and expect to be in control, especially when it comes to their appearance. They have high standards of dress, conduct, and neatness, and they expect the same from others. Roosters need a partner who understands their conservative nature but is not overly laid-back. The rooster should probably focus on valuing the heart and soul over good looks. Appealing to the logic of live-let-live roosters can be a good way to deal with ideals that control roosters too much.

The rooster is a symbol of many things for many cultures. What I like the most about the rooster symbol is that having one in the kitchen is supposed to be a symbol of luck, health and prosperity. Whether it’s a rooster clock, cookie jar, wallpaper, tea towels, trivet, or just a ceramic rooster sitting on the back of the stove taking care of the kitchen. Seeing a kitchen rooster not only makes me feel at home, it makes the whole kitchen warm, comfortable, and inviting. I think I like it better because it gives me that nostalgic feeling, like when I was young eating cookies in my grandmother’s kitchen.

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