Do you need a maid service or commercial cleaning company?

Keeping your company offices clean is an important aspect of running a business. Whether you operate a small local business or manage a retail giant, cleanliness is critical to maintaining and growing your business. Would you like to do business with a company that can’t even maintain its offices or workspaces? As you can see, keeping things clean is crucial to the success of your business. Many small business owners rely on a local cleaning service for weekly or monthly office cleaning, while larger commercial businesses will likely hire a commercial cleaning company for more extensive (and usually expensive) cleaning. So do you need a cleaning service or a commercial cleaning company?

First, let’s take a moment to try to understand commercial cleaning. Local cleaning services typically offer basic services that include vacuuming, dusting, bathroom cleaning, and wiping down work surfaces. You can usually schedule a maid as often as you see fit, but maid cleaning will usually be limited to the most basic tasks. On the other hand, a larger commercial cleaning company will offer you a wide range of cleaning services. From washing and polishing floors to cleaning carpets and upholstery, and even changing light bulbs, removing garbage and recycling, and responding to emergency cleaning needs, commercial companies do it all when it comes to cleaning.

Ultimately, you should take some time to explore your own cleaning needs. A professional cleaning company will be able to review your offices or work spaces and recommend some of the cleaning tasks that you will need. Also, commercial cleaners offer a complete and comprehensive cleaning package, while a cleaning service will offer fewer services. Still, while you need to consider your cleaning needs, you also need to consider your budget. So if you’re running a small office and all you really need is a light cleaning to keep things in check, a cleaning service might be right for you. On the other hand, if you have more advanced cleaning needs, you should hire a commercial cleaning company.

Just remember, before you hire a commercial cleaner, take some time to clearly define and outline your expectations. Will you need cleaning staff present during the day or just after hours? How often would you like to see recycling removed? Do you want your cleaners to focus on the interior of your offices, or do you have external cleaning needs as well? When you hire commercial cleaners, you have much more flexibility in defining your cleaning needs, the cleaning schedule, and any special considerations that need to be made. Chances are, regardless of the size of your business, you can benefit from the extensive cleaning services offered by commercial cleaners.

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