Free energy using a 100-year-old device

How would you like to have Free Energy for your home? Yes (indeed), this is possible with a 100-year-old device invented by the man many call the father of electricity: Nikola Tesla!

There are several reliable and effective ways to get free energy. If you haven’t heard of this type of power before, you can think of it as something to curb the current trend rather than a century-old device!

How much do you spend on energy to power your home? Add this up for the year and then multiply it for a lifetime period. Wow! That’s a lot of hard-earned money that goes to sitting energy giants offering no help as they push the prices of food and consumer products to an all-time high.

Nikola Tesla made this announcement in 1934: “Electric power is present everywhere in unlimited quantities, it can power the world’s machinery without the need for coal, oil, gas or any other fuel.

It is said that the multi-million dollar energy giants feared losing the fortunes that could be made if this man’s invention leaked to the public. In response, the energy giants stopped all funding for Nikola’s device. Not only did they withdraw their funds, but they also made sure that Nikola didn’t get support anywhere else – ever!

Nikola Tesla was an inventor who owned approximately 300 world patents. How could this man die ruined? Not only did he die broke, it seems like a lot of papers were missing from his hotel suite as his nephew arrived shortly after he passed away. The FBI and other agencies of the United States government participated.

Recently, after such a long time, Tesla’s secret device was leaked! Inventors and scientists have used this information to start building free energy devices!

Free energy! How is this possible? The sun, as Nikola shows, is an immense ball of electricity with a potential of about 200 billion volts. The sun is a positive charge and the earth, on the other hand, is the negative charge. These two bodies constitute a tremendous electrical force between the two. Nikola called this cosmic energy. It varies from night to day and from season to season, but it is always present. What this means is that the Earth is surrounded by a large reservoir of energy, and we can use it because it is there!

You can produce and use 100% free electricity for your home! This is done using a device invented by Nikola Tesla.

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