Gourmet gadgets for him this Valentine’s Day

The season when the world turns red… is here again. The color red is emblematic of love and when talking about love, the most coveted day that comes to mind is in fact Valentine’s Day. For some it is the most important day to celebrate, while for few this day is their favorite holiday. Whatever the reason, the fact of the matter is that Valentine’s Day is the day that lovers cherish. Heart-shaped chocolates, romantic candles, cute teddy bears and scented flowers have been some of the most popular items on the Valentine’s Day gift list. But in this tech-savvy world, exchanging a few digital gifts is the recent trend. Men can be very capricious and conquering them is not an easy task. So here are some ideas for the perfect gift that will blow their minds.

DVD player and portable video iPod expansion – With 30 GB, 60 GB and 80 GB iPod video devices, 7″

Wireless Headphones for Ipod –Whether driving to the office or just enjoying a chilly evening on the terrace, this is the best companion for men who love to enjoy music…anywhere. These computer hardware output devices are among the top ten Valentine’s Day gifts.

Fogless Shaving Mirror – This will be a very interesting gift that will serve as a unique bathroom accessory. With a flip-up razor holder, specially coated 6 1/2″ mirror and digital camera, this fog-free shaving mirror is the envy of every man. Put it down with this useful gift and you’re sure to see a man extremely neat., every day.

Silver Tie Clips and Cufflinks – Make sure your man looks his best, even in his formals, by showering him with these tiny but mind-blowing miniatures. A consummate gift for all those who wear their hearts on their cuffs and ties…err…sleeves!

iHome Shower Station – This bathroom accessory goes one step further to add that extra touch to the bathroom of the man you love the most. This is a waterproof carrying case that protects your iPod from water while playing your music in full stereo sound.

Credit card sized digital camera Bring a smile to your Valentine’s face by gifting him this small but explosive piece of technology. At just 1/2″ thick and barely wider than a credit card, this full-featured digital camera has all the features you need to woo your man.

Virtual Portable IMAX Theater Experience – If your guy loves to be entertained all the time, a widescreen portable video glasses that transforms iPod into a 52″ 16×9 widescreen virtual personal theater is the gift to keep him enjoying for you…

Charging stations for multiple devices – This is a multi-charging station that is compatible with over 1,500 devices from most major brands including Apple, BlackBerry, Motorola, and Samsung. Allowing you to charge up to 12 devices at the same time, you will be sure that while you are talking your battery will never run out.

remote key locator – To make sure that your love keeps thinking of you all the time, give him this remote control key finder that will locate your lost keys with the push of a button. With this gadget at home, it will never get you out of your head.

Universal football remote control – If your crush is a football fanatic, nothing can match his taste besides this universal football remote control. Designed like a soccer ball, fully functional and with capacity for seven devices, are some of the key features that will make your love move and run. Perfect devices for an idyllic Valentine’s experience!

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