Kuaile Hanyu – a nice CD for older kids learning Chinese

Is your middle school kid bored with Chinese beginner materials for preschoolers?

They will like to learn Chinese with the Kuaile Hanyu series!

Older children will enjoy their time on the computer while learning Chinese with the Kuaile Hanyu series. This Chinese learning program emphasizes speaking and comprehension. Kuaile Hanyu features video clips, practice games, extensive Chinese pronunciation practice, visual demonstrations of characters, sentence patterns, and Pinyin. A Chinese-English dictionary is also included to learn new words.

Kuaile Hanyu software presents the adventure of two senior exchange students visiting Beijing. The video is suitable for middle school children as it focuses on both Chinese vocabulary and sentences used in real life situations. Linda from San Diego, CA has 2 daughters who do not like the Learn-Chinese materials for preschoolers and early graders. Seeing the older children at Kuaile Hanyu “was a welcome reward for them and they love it.”

This Chinese learning program uses a spiral approach that builds on material from previous lessons and is reinforced by subsequent lessons.

The games and activities to learn Chinese also help the older ones to enjoy reviewing each lesson. Christie (not her real name) said Kuaile Hanyu gives her kids “the computer time they crave.” Linda’s girls “were delighted to see the pinyin chart and practiced their phonetic sounds” over and over again.

The complete Kuaile Hanyu programs include the software, textbooks, workbooks, and flashcards. It was initially produced for high school students in the UK to learn Chinese efficiently. By using these products, children will not only enjoy learning the Chinese language, but they will also have fun doing all the activities as part of their learning process. So what are you waiting for to gift your kids a Kuaile Hanyu CD set and make their Chinese learning more interesting and meaningful?

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