Options for a kitchen cabinet remodel

Kitchen cabinet remodel is an exciting project. More than what becomes necessary at some point in our lives. I know most of the people who do it at least once a year, especially at the beginning of each year. Of course, you don’t need to do it as often.

Anyway, below I have provided two of the best options you can choose from for a kitchen cabinet remodel. Try to read the article to the end and you will be glad you did.

Option 1 for kitchen cabinet remodel: kitchen remodel or replacement

You can choose to do a complete kitchen remodel. This can include completely replacing the kitchen cabinets.

The great thing about this route is that it provides a fresh start, a clean and fresh look for your kitchen that is really attractive. You can remodel the kitchen any way you like.

The flip side of this option is that it can be quite expensive and time consuming. For example, a typical kitchen has about 15 kitchen cabinets. Now a single cabinet can cost around $ 500, which means that for cabinets alone you can buy around $ 7,500.

Option 2 for kitchen cabinet rework: Siding

You can choose to update your kitchen cabinets. This can provide the look you want at a much more affordable cost than replacement or remodel. For example, it can cost up to 50% less than replacing cabinets.

Siding kitchen cabinets involves repainting existing cabinets, updating hardware, changing doors, applying new materials like veneer, or other features. You can even choose to replace the cabinet doors or knobs entirely. It all depends on your budget and how many changes you want.

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