Save money as a newlyweds team

As a newly married couple, you may not always agree on things; However, when it comes to financial survival, the two of you will need to put your heads together and make some decisions regarding money management.

For this reason, it is always advisable for a married couple to seek financial advice on marriage. A financial planner can help with issues such as whether or not to get a prenup, and what percentage of your income to deposit in a joint bank account, and some smart investments to get you started.

Better to make other decisions between the two of you. What are your clothing expenses? Who will balance the checkbook? Who will pay the bills? What investments do you want to make? What are your financial goals and what is your plan to achieve them?

Another aspect of marriage that may require planning is your wedding budget. That would include everything from the price of the engagement rings to the actual cost of the wedding.

Planning your financial future together is critical to a healthy marriage. If you both decide to have premarital counseling, take a few sessions to communicate your financial problems. Start early and continue with couples counseling after you are married as well.

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