Sexy lingerie: a buying guide for men

As a man, I really don’t know anything about lingerie choice and a lot of men fall into this group. How confusing is it? Well, let’s see, what kind of lingerie should you buy? What size do you wear? What color would she choose? How are we supposed to know all of this without sending the wrong signal? Below is a man’s cheat sheet for buying sexy lingerie for his partner.

There are several things to think about before buying lingerie. First of all, make no mistake or you will find yourself on the sofa in the living room. What are your likes and dislikes? Note that you won’t be wearing this, she is, so get yourself something you like. If she likes it, it will show and she just added another notch to her belt. If she doesn’t like lace, ruffled, and see-through stuffed animals, and you end up buying one, good luck putting it on her. You could also throw your money out the window, because that’s where that lingerie goes: the big black hole in the bottom of your lingerie drawer.

If you want to get an idea of ​​what she likes, take a look in her lingerie drawer. Take a look at the materials of what you currently have in your lingerie drawer. Check the type you like, and most importantly, check the size. If you only remember one thing, remember its size. If you buy him something too big, in his mind, just let him know that he is overweight. If you make him too small, she might think he’s adorable or think that this is his way of telling her that he needs to lose a few pounds. I was there, I did that, and believe me, you don’t want to be there. It is not good, we are talking about a few days or a week or so of nothing. If the label has the word "Control" run, don’t walk. These items are used to flatten or firm your midsection and your butt (your butt). It is a way of entering that territory in which you do not win. If the lingerie in her drawer isn’t what you had in mind, get her two things, one for her and one for you.

If the store you are buying the lingerie from offers gift wrapping. Spend the extra few dollars to gift wrap it for a better presentation. Think of this as a sales presentation to a new customer. If you decide to wrap it yourself to save a couple of bucks, at least go out and buy some new wrapping paper that she didn’t buy. Believe me, she knows what wrapping paper has been kept in the closet. If you are not comfortable shopping for lingerie at a retail store, look for stores online that sell lingerie. You can also start at Fredericks of Hollywood or Victoria’s Secret, and many of the major department stores carry lingerie as well. Remember: keep the receipt just in case.

Now what to look for. There are all kinds of lingerie you can think of and some that you didn’t even know existed! Ask yourself what your intention is and understand the occasion. If you’re trying to tell her that she’s love or your life, a crotchless or skanky outfit won’t cut it. But if it’s your anniversary or Valentine’s Day, you’ll probably get a much better answer. If you’re just shopping for lingerie for the fun of it, be careful. One of two things can happen. First, she might be so shocked and think how considerate you are, and then one thing leads to another. Second, you buy the sexy lingerie and she wonders what you are guilty of or who you wear this lingerie that you want her to wear. I usually get the, "What’s your name?".. At this point, it depends on the relationship you have with your partner. I’ve been married for quite a few years and my reaction is the latest. There are so many variations and styles that it is difficult to understand. Find something that is not too difficult to put on. Don’t buy lingerie that she can’t understand. If he can’t put it on, you will have to strain to take it off. Bras alone come in numerous designs including lift, plunge, gel-filled, padded, underwire, seamless, backless, strapless, open cup, and no padding. Can anyone tell me what the differences are, I mean, a breast looks good on anything? You may want to do some research online and look for something that isn’t too complicated, you won’t be using it that long anyway.

If you’re shopping for a bra and panties set, go back to your lingerie drawer and take a look at your bra and panties size. Sometimes they are the same size. But it would be terrible if you buy her a bra and she is more gifted than other women. Many stores have panty and bra sets for sale, but they also sell them individually so you can mix and match. You would think that panties (are panties still worn these days?) Would be easy to make out. I mean I have two types, plain old-fashioned white underwear and boxers. For women it is a completely different story, they have control briefs, classic briefs, hipster, boy shorts, high cut briefs, thong (not sure what that is) and bikini, thong and thong (personal favorite of the authors). Again, check your drawer, see what you have. It’s okay, she won’t get mad even if she catches you. Okay, okay, mine would question me.

Unfortunately, when it comes to sleepwear, it can be just as complex. There is a nightwear called babydoll pajamas. They usually have matching panties, a revealing V neckline, very skinny straps, and are usually made of satin or silk. Most women love satin and silk. My wife’s personality changes when she is dressed in silk or satin. It gets a little playful! I have never been yelled at while carrying these materials. However, if you feel like your breasts are too big, too small, saggy, or you think your stomach is too big, you may want to avoid babydoll pajamas.

Then there are the shirts and slippers. They are similar to babydoll pajamas, but slightly longer and better fitted to hide what women consider to be their problem areas. As busts, back or belly and usually satin or silk.

The dresses are similar to babydolls, but in a longer version. Again, it has a wide variety of styles, from sheer, lacy, and a bit more demure. Also, it comes with a robe.

A pajama set may not look very sexy, however if it is silky and has buttons on the front, it can make your woman feel very sexy, especially if she is a plus size (size 18 or larger). Boxers have ended up being the favorites lately. The tops are form-fitting, with thin bands and typically a V-neckline, although there are sets of boxers with regular tops. It’s mostly used for sleeping, which is not what I had in mind when I wrote this article, but I had to include it.

A great place to look for lingerie to spice up your love life is sexy lingerie boutiques online. They have a wide selection of lingerie and toys, for every occasion. They offer a wide variety of corsets, teddies, babydolls, fishnet stockings, garters, and crotchless panties. These items are not normally available in your usual department stores. Online boutiques will have endless varieties and options compared to a retail store. Online you also have privacy, you will not meet your neighbor, pastor or your old boyfriend. at the mall while shopping for her sexy lingerie.

The type of lingerie you buy for your partner depends a lot on their self-esteem. Many older women love attractive teddy bears, but some will avoid them for fear of showing too much of themselves. Most lingerie stores offer lingerie in plus sizes, which are slightly less revealing. No matter what your shape or size is, lingerie will make you feel and look sexy, and good things always come your way when that happens.

In conclusion, if you follow the above plan, your chances of success are much higher. If you buy something that she wants, not just what you want, then very good things will come. Size, size, size, size. Get the correct size and don’t forget to save your receipt.

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