The Ancient Portals of Heaven by David Herzog

Find supernatural power through ancient paths to the glory of God

“The Ancient Portals of Heaven” guides the reader towards the supernatural power of resurrection by helping them to enter the spiritual portals called the portals of heaven.

Herzog has done extensive and comprehensive research on interesting obscured historical information, archaeological discoveries, and scientific facts of advanced wisdom in Israel, especially during the days of King Solomon’s reign. Herzog uses personal stories of “exercising kingdom authority,” as well as stories from many others that speak of direct encounters with Jesus.

Ancient geographic portals are described today as places where a portal to heaven was opened in ancient times. Many of these portals still exist today for those who have the right of entry. The cities of Jerusalem, Bethel, Galilee, and Eden are examples of these portals. Each of these cities has a unique supernatural identity as a portal of healing, miraculous phenomena, signs, covenants, restoration, or salvation.

There are seasonal and geographic portals that include the feasts of God or the Jewish feasts. These are available to all believers. The celebration of the Feast of Weeks, the Feast of Tabernacles, Passover, or the Lord’s Day can result in great glory.

The “Ishmael-Muslim” connection is interesting and useful in light of today’s world events. It is significant that the eyes of the world today are focused on the Middle East. It was refreshing to read about Herzog’s involvement with Worldwide Harvest in Israel, Indonesia and Malaysia.

“The Ancient Portals of Heaven” is well documented, skillfully written and persuasively expressed. The reader is elevated to heavenly places of glory, favor, and blessing. This is an important addition to Herzog’s other writings on the mystery of glory revealed.

978-0768426655, Destiny Image Publishers, Inc.

As reviewed for Midwest Book Review

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