The “health” of food cooked at home is highly dependent on this factor.

How healthy is homemade food? We choose to cook most of our food at home thinking that it is the best and healthiest option. But let’s take a look at the various aspects that determine the true health of food and how this decision adds to it.

In general, home-cooked food is believed to be healthier than store-bought, and this is true to some extent. But even if you’re careful cooking at home, there may be a few things you’re missing:

For example, you may be using all the healthy ingredients, but not the proper cookware! Did you know that your kitchen utensils play an equally important role, just like the choice of ingredients? Conventional cookware is generally made of different metals and ceramics that are not suitable for cooking, although they are widely used. However, not so long ago, people only used one material – all-natural clay to make their pots and pans. But what about these other materials? Let’s find out:

Food is a biochemical entity. All metals are reactive to nutrients in food that are in the form of oxygen, hydrogen halogens, acids, and bases. At cooking temperature, metals leach ions and react with food which then assimilate with food and accumulate in tissues and organs. Over time, these metal ions that have accumulated in organs and tissues become the root cause of various diseases and a compromised immune system.

The second big problem is that metals damage the delicate nutrients in food; try touching a metal skillet five minutes after heating it, it burns the skin tissue and leaves a scar. The same happens with the nutrients in food: intense heat destroys them. To make matters worse, the water-soluble vitamins and minerals evaporate as steam, further depleting the nutritional value of the food. What remains are foods with toxins that lack nutritional value.

The same goes for ceramic cookware. which is made with over 200 different chemicals.

Choosing the right kitchen utensils is a must for healthy cooking. A material that is 100% non-toxic and that also keeps the nutrients intact, it is perfect for making healthy kitchen utensils. Pure clay is one of those materials. The idea of ​​using pure clay probably stems from the roots of our civilization: people have always cooked in clay until about 200 years ago. Pure clay is the only material known to be naturally inert and scientifically proven safe for making healthy cookware. It doesn’t leak anything into food while cooking!

In addition to being completely non-reactive pots and pans, pure clay pots retain nutrients that are cooked with far-infrared heat, a life-sustaining form of heat generated only by the “earth.”

These are just some of the great benefits of cooking in the safest environment.

Therefore, the true health of home cooking depends on the choice of pots and pans. As shown here, it is actually the make or break of the deal. So next time you’re working to make the healthiest meal for your family, take a look at kitchen utensils!

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