The low-carb diet craze hit the diet industry like a tsunami, but did it really work?

The low-carb diet craze hit the diet industry like a
tsunami This det revolution not only increased profits
of The Robert Atkins Institution but other industries benefited
of the low diet fad. Wherever you went the food industry
was changing to fit the requirements of the low-carb diet. Papa Murphy’s Pizza featured a thin crust pizza that read
have low carbs. Low carb ice cream with a taste that has never been
seen appeared in the grocery refrigerators of major stores.
Sara Lee introduced a low carb bread.

There were also some fallout from this dietary revolution.
The orange juice industry saw a drop in profits for the
first time in the history of the industry. Because the diet allowed unlimited amounts of protein,
including meats, eggs, and cheese, and severely limit foods
that contain carbohydrates such as pasta, bread and fruit,
medical community declared the diet unhealthy.

Dieters around the world ignored this advice and continued
count carbohydrates and lose unprecedented amounts of weight.
The diet was successful because it works. There are a few scientific reasons why this diet works so well.
quickly. The reason eating low carb works so well is that it only
Carbohydrates trigger the release of insulin. Insulin is body fat.
hormone storage.

The low card diet was very easy to follow. the rules and
the principles of the diet were well defined. Dieters felt free in
the diet. Unlike the Jenny Craig diet and Weightwatchers,
there were no complicated meal plans. You could buy the food.
for the low-carb diet almost anywhere. There was almost no hunger on the Atkins low carb diet.
For many people trying to lose weight, constant cravings
for food lead to failure. Proteins in the diet helped
person loses weight due to a dynamic decrease in food cravings.

Since overeating is the reason most people gain weight, then
being able to eat as much as you want is definitely a plus for
a diet. You can eat butter, dry salami, barbecue ribs and eggs.
items that are prohibited on most diets. Dieters could
enjoy protein-rich foods in nearly unlimited servings.
This fact is what made the diet so popular.

Success stories of people on a low-carb diet were seen in
National television spots. The media was looking for the average person
who had experienced exceptional weight loss so they could interview
them on the evening news. People lost 50 pounds in record time.
These were people who had never lost a significant amount
amount of weight in their lives.

There are several stages to the diet, but the easiest way to incorporate
this meal plan is to track carbohydrates. You can start by cutting
sugar in your diet. One of the Harvard Medical Schools studies
found that women who swapped their usual sugary drinks and
foods for artificially sweetened options lost 22 pounds in 16 weeks.
Also when they continued with this practice. The weight stayed off
for at least three years.

One suggestion from low-carb dieters is to incorporate what they call “activating the fat-fighting hormone with oemga-3.” Foods such as salmon, tuna and flaxseed. Omega-3 fatty acids make it harder for your body
to break down food. Food stays in the stomach longer. This, low-car experts say, triggers a hormone hype that sends a signal to your body to stop eating. Foods that contain omega-3 contain heart-healthy fats. The bottom line these low-carb enthusiasts say is that salmon promotes

The low-carbohydrate diet requires that you drink 10 to 12 glasses of water per
day. Drinking water increases your metabolism. Water cleanses toxins
Out of your body. Drinking water can make or break this
diet. There is a solid medical reason to drink the water. eating wide
amounts of protein is hard on the kidneys. Drinking the water helps
the kidneys clean fat from your body.

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