When black kitchen cabinets can work well

Black kitchen cabinets are a bold option. In fact, they can work in a surprising number of homes, although they may not be to the liking of those who like a more traditional style. The key to making these cabinets work is making sure your kitchen can handle them aesthetically to begin with, and making sure there are no lighting issues.

Lighting considerations

As with painting the walls of a room a dark color, black kitchen cabinets will tend to reduce ambient light somewhat. In the right environment, this is a wonderful effect. It’s also a great reason to consider updating your kitchen lighting to suit this new aesthetic.

It’s usually a good idea to add sparkling track lights to cabinets. This helps brighten the interiors and makes it easy to keep track of what’s inside. This also helps to show off your cabinets a bit.


The hardware that accompanies black cabinets can make them much more attractive. If you want a host of stainless steel appliances in your kitchen, you may want to consider matching cabinet accessories. This can create a very dramatic effect that will give your kitchen a unique look.

If you have different color accents in the room, black kitchen cabinets provide a very easy way to emphasize them. Black will match just about any other color, so it’s easy to make sure your cabinets match the overall look of your kitchen. While black kitchen cabinets can be bold, they are also very flexible in how they can be made to work with the other items in the room.


Black countertops obviously go well with these cabinets. You can also consider gray or even white, if you want to add a lot of contrast to the room. These cabinets can work just as easily with other colored countertops as they do with other colored accents, so don’t be afraid to consider them if you have patterned or other types of countertops in your home. Black is incredibly versatile.

Other considerations

Black is a great color for a very modern look. For a more conservative look, it may not mix well with the environment. It is also better suited to kitchen color schemes that aren’t too bold. For example, if your entire kitchen scheme is off-white, black may not be as suitable. However, if it is purely white, it could add a great contrasting look to the overall look that could make the kitchen more interesting.

This is a fun color option for those who like to do something different and like to stand out. It is also ideal for trendy, modern and exclusive homes. Those who love minimalism will fall in love with this cabinet color, as will those who love something that says a lot for being understated. Remember to consider the lighting; You can really stand out in these cabinets and make sure the room looks its best.

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