When to use Drontal Allwormer

Deworming your dogs is very important and not doing so can lead to a number of problems. Worms are parasites that live in your dog’s stomach, and as they do, they tend to grow and consume the food the dog eats. This can prevent dogs from absorbing the crucial nutrients they need to stay healthy and well in the first place. This, in turn, causes the dog to suffer so that his skin looks dry and flaky and he is more likely to get sick. If your dog isn’t acting up on his own, he may well be suffering from worms.

Similarly, worms are also very unhealthy for people and living with a dog with worms can be unhealthy. This is because your dog will excrete worms in his faeces and this means that you may accidentally end up with worms on your hands if you fall in the garden etc. If you have worms on your hands and you touch your face, this can inadvertently transfer the worms to your stomach and that can cause you to suffer from the same problems. However, you also hear horror stories of worse things happening because of worms. For example, if he accidentally touches his eyes when he has worms on his fingers, he may end up transferring the worms to his eyeballs. This can result in the worms eating the tissue from your eyes and you can lose your vision that way.

You may think that your dog doesn’t need deworming, that he seems healthy, and that there was no chance for him to get worms. However, this is a mistake and there are many ways dogs can get worms without you realizing it. The main risk is foxes and other dogs: if your dog turns around or sniffs your dung, he may end up transferring the problem. Even if your dogs don’t get outside much, they can pick up worms from other feces, such as those from foxes and cats that come into your yard.

Drontal Allwormer is a product that you can feed your dogs that will kill any worms that may reside in them. This is a simple tablet and by eating it your dogs can kill any worm, regardless of type.

However, how you use Drontal Allwormer and how regularly will depend on both your dogs and the types of worms. For example, if you are treating whipworm then you should give your dog Drontal every six to eight weeks, but not until your dog is over 3 months of age. If you are treating tapeworm then every three months will be fine, although if it is a hydatid tapeworm area you should use it more often like every six weeks. Hookworm and roundworm puppies should be treated at 2, 4, 8, and twelve weeks of age and every three months thereafter.

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