A homeopathic treatment for acne is an effective cure

A homeopathic acne treatment may include silica, sulfur, and pulsatilla, as well as other ingredients that have been shown to be an effective treatment. Acne is a common skin condition that affects thousands of people around the world and can cause whiteheads, blackheads, and inflamed lesions such as cysts and pustules. The skin pores become blocked, which leads to acne.

Each pore has a follicle containing a single hair and a sebaceous gland, and the sebaceous gland keeps the skin lubricated and removes dead skin cells and can sometimes produce excess oil that causes the pores to become blocked and Once the pores are blocked, debris and dirt and bacteria begin to accumulate. Acne is commonly found on the chest, face, back, legs, buttocks, and upper arms.

Those who suffer from a severe form of acne are usually treated with prescription medications. However, many people now choose homeopathic acne treatment as homeopathy helps treat certain types of acne along with skin hygiene that helps control and prevent acne. A homeopathic medicine known as pulsatilla and silica is used for those who suffer from hormonal acne that accompanies puberty. And silica is used for patients suffering from white pustules.

Sulfur is given to those who have acne characterized by inflamed pustules, as these pustules usually hurt and itch, and sulfur tends to work well. Homeopathy in conjunction with a proper skin care program works exceptionally well. However, people who suffer from severe forms of acne should see a dermatologist and take prescribed medications.

Other homeopathic acne treatment protocols will include hepar sulfuris calcarem, calcarea carbonica, and antimonium tartarium, as each of these are used for specific types of acne. The dosage will be stipulated by the homeopath. Homeopathic medicines take a while to work, but they have been shown to be extremely effective.

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