A place worth investing in even in times of crisis

It is very important to find the right place to invest, especially in times of crisis. Unlike many people who think right now, there are still great places in the world to invest with bright prospects. One of the most unspoilt natural beauties in the world, Northern Cyprus offers many real estate investment opportunities not available anywhere else. A unique combination of quality lifestyle, beautiful nature, 300 days of sunshine along with affordable real estate.

Northern Cyprus seems to be the right destination for many people. Since 2004, thousands of investors have come to Northern Cyprus from England, Germany, Turkey, Syria, Israel and many Russian-speaking countries. Many investors and expatriate homebuyers have come to this island for vacations first and have fallen in love with the island. The fact that property prices in Northern Cyprus are lower than in the rest of the Mediterranean region makes them even more interested.

In the last 5 years, prices have risen dramatically, as hopes for the reunification of the island have increased, which will bring prices to the same level in other parts of the Mediterranean. Many local companies have been established to meet the need and now offer international standard quality services. In fact, if you have been to Northern Cyprus before 2004 and visit again, you will be amazed at the changes that have taken place.

The infrastructure has undergone enormous development thanks to the help of the EU, UNDP and USAID, which invest millions of euros in the country. These monies are used to widen roads, make new roads, restore historical monuments and preserve national parks. Northern Cyprus is no longer an underdeveloped place. The standard of living is comparable to that of Western European countries.

Now you can enjoy your weekends going to the golf club, horse riding, scuba diving, paragliding, hiking, sailing to name a few. Guests and citizens enjoy their vacations in five-star hotels. It should also be said that on the streets of Northern Cyprus there will be no beggars, and the crime rate is close to zero.

In order to save the untouched nature of the island, new laws and restrictions come into force every month. A recently passed law prohibits the construction of land zero to the sea, so those who already have land with building permits can build and have therefore benefited from the new law. There are only a very limited number of such plots left on the market, so prices for this type of land have skyrocketed.

One of the most significant developments in recent years in Northern Cyprus has been higher education. With its 6 internationally recognized universities, each year Northern Cyprus hosts thousands of international students, especially from Europe and the Middle East. The students have diversified the population and created a fantastic market for rental properties.

Another significant change in recent years has been the rush by international companies to secure their market share in Northern Cyprus. HSBC, Nike, Gloria Jean’s Cafe are among the companies with an official presence in Northern Cyprus. Nature, the sea, the sun. the potential and affordability continue to attract more and more investors to this island, even in times of crisis.

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