Custom Kitchen Cabinets Best By Design

True custom cabinets are cabinets that have been designed and custom built for your specific requirements. There are many custom kitchen cabinet manufacturers. Some of the larger custom manufacturers do not allow the options of the smaller manufacturers. Finding a custom cabinet maker to design a custom kitchen for you that is in your general area is highly recommended. Otherwise, if you can’t find a good custom builder in your area, try to find a dealer who has a reputation for good service and represents a line of quality custom cabinets.

Some of the custom cabinet manufacturers do not offer truly custom cabinets. Many actually have various limitations that you don’t realize until you try to finalize your design. Some examples of restrictions may include: wood species, available accessories, height restrictions, color limitations, special finish limitations (such as rub, glaze, abrade, crackle).

A good way to find a custom cabinet company is to search the internet under “Custom Cabinets” and type in the general location of where it is located. You can also check with your local Better Business Bureau for reputable businesses in your area. Another good service is called “Angies List” and although there is a small fee for their service, members of the group are homeowners just like you who qualify the contractors. All ratings are based on owners’ opinions of their vendors and contractors.

The best custom cabinet companies may allow you to specify the following:

1. The type of drawer unit, either solid wood dovetail or metabox metal drawer units.

2. The type of drawer slide, either full-extension ball-bearing slides or undermount soft-close slides.

(Also, they should let you specify the brand, like Grass, Blum, or KV.)

3. The type of hinge, either 107 degrees or 165 degrees, or an exposed hinge or concealed hinge.

(Again, they should be able to let you specify the brand, like Blum, Grass, Mepla, Salice)

4. You must be able to specify the brand and style of the accessory. i.e. Hafele, Rev-a shelf)

5. Specify the species of wood you want your cabinets made of.

6. Modify the sizes of the cabinets in width, height and depth.

7. Specify exact color and special finish, if applicable.

8. We offer you various glass options for any glass doors, whether it is clear glass, frosted glass, or decorative glass, such as poor quality glass or rain glass.

9. The company should also have a wide selection of Split Lets, Onlays, Turnings, etc.

10. The company must be able to offer you certified installation services.

Keep in mind that it is best to have the manufacturer offer you the installation because if there are any difficulties with the installation, they are responsible for correcting any problems and you do not have to worry about getting change orders from your installer. Also, sometimes the installer will install custom cabinets incorrectly and actually damage the cabinets and a new cabinet may be needed to correct the problem.

Some cool things that custom cabinet manufacturers offer include but are not limited to:

Pull-out pantry systems, concealed drawers and compartments, pull-out spice racks, corbels, inlays, legs, split columns, custom-shaped cabinets.

If you plan to remodel your kitchen or build a new home, try to wait at least three months to plan and design your kitchen before ordering. Also, allow another two to three months for the cabinets to be built after the design is finalized.

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