Important things to know when buying a business jet

The words business jet may seem like an all-encompassing term, but that’s not the case. The air travel industry divides this large classification of aircraft into five loosely defined categories: heavy, super medium, medium, light, and very light.

Choosing your own plane is not as simple as choosing a favorite color. There are many questions to ask yourself before buying one. Are my needs private or commercial? Am I planning to travel abroad? Am I more concerned with speed or comfort? These are all very important things to consider. The good news is that there is sure to be an aircraft that is exactly tailored to your needs. Everyone from private citizens to the military benefits from this mode of transportation. Below is a list of the five commercial aircraft categories, as well as general descriptions of each.


These planes are usually the most expensive type of private jet. Their enormous sizes have been modeled after or entirely converted into commercial aircraft. Due to this fact, they can accommodate a large number of occupants and carry more weight than the other four categories.

Super medium

These aircraft are known for their ample cabin body space, which provides greater comfort than that of heavy jets. They are also known for their high speed, high altitude capability, and long travel range. Its transatlantic capabilities are quite desirable.

Average size

Mid-size aircraft vary little from their large counterparts. They are best suited for longer range trips and trips with higher passenger capacity requirements. Their ability for transcontinental travel also gives them an advantage over other larger aircraft.


As you can imagine, these private jets are much lighter than the ones mentioned above. This allows for more efficient air travel. They are often used for business rather than commercial purposes, consisting primarily of package deliveries. Access to smaller airports makes them perfect for quick and easy deliveries of a small quantity of goods.

Very light

It should come as no surprise that of the three categories of business jets, these jets are the lightest. They are also known as micro jets or VLJs. Their maximum takeoff weight is not designed to exceed 10,000 pounds, which means they are barely adequate for major commercial use. Their benefits lie in the fact that they have access to very small community airports and can be quite efficient.

As you can see, there is a lot of variety when it comes to choosing a private jet. Sizes, speeds and uses are the three main concepts that make up these five categories. If you plan to transport a large number of people across the ocean, you may want to consider a heavy aircraft. However, if you only need to transport yourself and one other person to the next state, you would be better off buying a light aircraft. Not all planes are the same and it is important to consider your needs before purchasing one.

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