MLB Expert Picks: Yankees keep their slugger Robinson Cano out of the Home Run Derby

Robinson Cano of the New York Yankees has gone strong to establish himself as one of the best hitters in the majors and has a chance to win a title battle. Canó began the season with an absolute tear as he led all of baseball in the highest batting average around .400 in April. He is currently hitting .342, which is the fourth-highest average in all of baseball and leads second basemen with 55 RBIs and 16 home runs.

Cano’s display of power with the bat has earned him the honor of being selected to participate in the All-Star home run derby along with Miguel Cabrera of the Detroit Tigers, David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox, Vernon Wells of the Toronto Blue Jays, Corey Hart of the Milwaukee Brewers and Matt Holliday of the St. Louis Cardinals.

Unfortunately, Cano has had minor back problems of late and was not in the lineup Wednesday when the Yankees faced the Oakland A’s. Our experts at MLB expert picks report that the New York Yankees are taking precautions, and because of this minor injury, the Yankees have announced that he will not be participating in the home run derby.

As a young player and having the opportunity to participate in the home run derby for the first time, Cano seemed irritated and disappointed that the Yankees decided to leave him out of the derby without his knowledge. In fact, he was informed of the Yankees’ decision to remove him from the Derby by reporters who received confirmation from Yankees manager Joe Giradi. This decision was made because the Yankees didn’t want their starting player to risk injury and more.

Canó has benefited this season from hitting behind Alex Rodríguez on all five holes, as he has been the perfect hitter to protect the Yankees’ slugger. Cano has developed into a complete player as his defense has been almost as good as his offense. Cano may not be able to participate in the home run derby this year, but he will have more opportunities throughout his career as the Yankees need him to be 100% healthy to prepare for another World Series in the second half of the season.

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