MLM Branding and Network Marketing: Which Blogging Platform Should You Use

Blogging is simply putting your content on a different platform. It’s not just a diary, a gimmick, or a cheap party trick.

But blogging for your MLM or network marketing business, or ANY business?

While they certainly didn’t start out that way, blogs are incredibly useful content management systems when set up correctly.

If you are marketing your MLM or network marketing business on the web and you don’t have a blog, you will always be beaten by your competition.

You cannot move forward using the tools of Web 2.0 without a blog. Period.

Without a doubt, blogging content management systems are the favorites of today’s search engines, especially Google, the number one search engine on the web.

A blogging platform allows you to do things that no one else in your market can do with shopping carts and static sites.

Using the platform to post online means that you don’t just have a website, you have a magnetic search engine and interactive community builder that will attract targeted and willing to buy visitors to your site.

There are numerous hosted blogging programs out there, hosting a blog yourself takes more effort to be sure, but the benefits are significant. Not only can you do more customization, but you can also keep the blog website on your own server to help promote your own domain.

I suggest you get blogging software that you can host and customize yourself. The one I use is WordPress.

What’s more:

  • WordPress has a dedicated community of users who are constantly improving out-of-the-box software.
  • WordPress has hundreds of themes available for free download.
  • WordPress has hundreds of plugins.
  • Nothing beats WordPress when it comes to tagging and social bookmarking. Plugins greatly facilitate tagging on your WordPress blog.

As a designer and control freak, I love the theme customization feature to make my blog exactly how I want it to look.

There you go. Get started blogging right now on or

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