My Five Favorite Tony Scott Movies

Whenever I talk about my favorite directors with friends, one person I usually forget to mention is Tony Scott. Tony Scott is a good director, but he doesn’t have a legacy attached to his name like so many other great directors. But when you take a closer look and review all the movies that he has directed, you will see that he has definitely had the gems part of him.

But what are his best movies? The following movies are my five favorites directed by Tony Scott.

True Romance is a movie that certainly makes the cut for me. This is one of the most underrated movies of the early 90s and, in my opinion, the best Christian Slater movie of his career.

Man On Fire with Denzel Washington is another great movie. Denzel is so good as the hero that he follows his own rules in this movie. Dakota Fanning is also great as a supporting actress, although I always thought swimming was an odd sport choice for her.

Crimson Tide is another amazing Tony Scott movie. Like Man On Fire, this movie also stars Denzel Washington. Gene Hackman plays a controversial character in this movie and this movie is as suspenseful as any movie he has seen in recent memory.

It’s hard to make a list of movies directed by Tony Scott without praising Enemy Of The State. Will Smith stars as a wrongfully accused attorney who unknowingly ends up with seriously classified government information and is being hunted by the government.

Top Gun definitely makes the cut for me. Few movies have as much nostalgic value as Top Gun for many middle-aged men. I don’t know why there have been so few air force based movies since this one. Maybe it’s because it’s hard to beat Top Gun.

Hopefully, there are one or more Tony Scott movies on this list that you haven’t seen yet.

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