Training of Dermal Filler Courses

Training of Dermal Filler Courses

A dermal filler course teaches medical professionals the skills and techniques they need to safely and effectively offer dermal fillers in their practices. This includes the ability to identify appropriate areas of augmentation, the injection techniques for those areas and the various products available. It also covers how to manage complications and adverse reactions.

In addition to hands-on training, the course usually covers an overview of each type of filler and their specific properties. The course also provides a review of facial anatomy, which is vital to the success of any cosmetic treatment. It is important to understand the location and function of the facial muscles, nerves and blood vessels as well as how the aging process affects them.

Many cosmetic procedures require a significant initial investment in equipment, but dermal fillers are inexpensive to purchase and provide an excellent profit-to-time ratio. This makes them an excellent way to increase your bottom line while attracting patients who are eager for these types of treatments.

The most popular and successful dermal fillers are those made from hyaluronic acid. These are biocompatible and can be absorbed by the body. They are often injected into areas where there is a loss of volume or creases and folds. Those areas may include the cheeks, lips and chin. Dermal fillers are not permanent and will eventually break down, so a regular follow-up schedule is required.

Dermal Filler Courses

Most dermal filler courses cover the injection sites, the correct technique for each area and the most effective products for those areas. They also cover the proper use of tools including blunt tip cannulas for injections into highly vascular and delicate areas where hypodermic needles are contraindicated. Facial landmarks and tissue manipulation techniques for the prevention of product migration are discussed as well.

During the hands-on portion of the dermal filler course, participants practice on models. The instructors will supervise the procedure and offer guidance as needed. They will also provide a variety of video clips that demonstrate advanced injection techniques and procedures.

These dermal filler courses are designed to teach participants how to properly use all major HA injectables that are FDA-approved for the United States. The most popular and popular products are taught with special emphasis on precise injection techniques and facial anatomy. This is an intensive hands-on program led by a practicing physician instructor.

Other than ensuring that you are comfortable performing these techniques, the Dentox program offers an additional unique guarantee. It assures you that if you don’t feel completely confident in your abilities when you leave the class, you can return for one-on-one instruction at no extra cost until you are totally proficient. This guarantee is not offered by any other provider of Botox and dermal filler classes in the country. It is a great way to feel confident and comfortable performing these procedures in your practice. Thousands of doctors, nurses and dentists across the country have integrated these procedures into their practices, resulting in increased profits and professional satisfaction.

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