Update the Facebook page with your mobile phone

Many brands and businesses have started using Facebook page as part of their marketing mix. As a Facebook page admin, we often like to keep in touch with our readers by regularly posting text, photos, videos, and links.

We want to do this because we want to keep the page updated regularly. And we want visitors to come to our page and find new and interesting content that is engaging. Fans and readers won’t be stuck in a “ghost town” if all they have is a page with the posts that were updated 2 months ago.

In fact, readers and fans expect to hear from the Page admin on a regular basis because they want to keep up with the latest industry developments and get new resources to help them solve their pressing issues and issues.

There are a few things you can do to keep your content up to date. Can

1 – Post to your Facebook page from your personal computer in real time

2 – Schedule your publications in advance or

3 – Post from your mobile phone.

These days, many people are on the go, taking advantage of the time in between to get work done, like updating Facebook pages. Facebook has enabled posting to personal profile pages as well as fan pages from mobile phones (and devices). And this is particularly useful when you’re at seminars, networking events, or just on the go.

Now you can capture some action at these events or take a photo with your speaker and upload it to your fan page. You can also tag these photos with friends who are attending the event with you and they will thank you because you have captured a meaningful or meaningful moment for them.

To do that, log in as the Facebook Page admin, click the Edit Pages button, and choose Mobile from the left column menu. You will see an email address for your Facebook page. Note that address and you can now send status updates to your page using this address.

Your subject line will be the status update and if you take a photo and send it to this address, that photo will appear on your Facebook Page wall.

That’s a quick and easy way to update fans on what’s happening at events and seminars. If you have a page for outdoor activities, this would also be a great way to update your page with photos of the different landscapes and settings. This is a real-time update and brings a fresh angle to the page.

You can keep your Facebook Page email address on your mobile phone and devices so you can easily use it when you need to send a quick update to your Page.

Give it a try and see how your fans will respond to this. Not only does it make your downtime more productive, but it also shows your fans that you’re thinking of them when you post these updates to the fan page for them in real time.

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