Wedding Dress Preservation and the 3 Critical Reasons to Seal Your Storage Box

As a bride, how can you know which one is best for you and your wedding dress? Is it better to have your wedding dress storage box unsealed or sealed? Should the box be taped shut to allow you access to remove the gown from the box, or should it be sealed completely?

Some wedding dress preservation companies provide double-sided tape so you can reseal the box when you’re done examining your dress. Companies that allow you to open your storage box and re-tape it offer the shortest warranties. They have to. Any time you touch your gown or expose it to dirt, dust, body oils, and moisture, you increase your risk of problems.

Once a bride takes her dress out of the storage box, she can’t help but drag the dress across the floor. Whether it’s carpet or hardwood, the dress will pick up some dirt, dust, and surface fibers. By simply touching the dress or having it touched, she can transfer body oil, sweat, and makeup onto the dress. If you try on your dress at this show it’s even greater – it almost certainly will happen. Do you want that to happen?

Here are the three main reasons why you want to preserve your wedding dress with a company that seals your wedding dress preservation box.

#1. Lifetime guarantee. The dress is in a controlled environment and cannot be exposed to dirt, dust, makeup, etc.

#2. Keeps bugs out of the box and away from your wedding dress. As you know, insects can crawl into the smallest cracks or holes. Mites, spiders, and even centipedes can get into your dress and build their nests, unless the box is sealed, not just with duct tape.

#3. Provides a moisture barrier that keeps moisture out. (Some are opposed to sealing the box, because it seals in moisture and that can lead to mold or mildew.) When a wedding dress is properly dried after cleaning and sealed in a holding box, there is virtually no moisture content. Mold or mildew will not grow on a properly dried and sealed wedding dress. In fact, since the moisture content in the air changes dramatically from season to season, unsealed storage boxes can allow moisture from the air to enter the wedding dress. Then when the season changes again, the dress will dry again.

Sealing your wedding dress in your wedding dress preservation box can take some of the fun out of being able to “play” with your dress, but it is the ONLY real solution to truly preserving your dress.

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