Nina Kotick – A Powerful Woman

If a man is the sum of his actions and experiences, then a woman has to be more than that to support the conclusion. Women have always had a worse time in a society dominated by men, but this has not been a problem for Nina Kotick, she has managed to have a beautiful family, be the mother of three daughters and also be the beacon behind a great CEO- Bobby Cotick.

The profession that Nina Kotick has embarked on has long been running in her family. Becoming a lawyer has been a tradition, and with other siblings, her family has made them all good and independent at what they do. Nina Kotick has worked in the legal counseling field, an activity that she only had to give up when her family grew. She worked for Simpson Thacher and Bartlett in New York City and later continued her work in sunny California.

After her 3 daughters grew a little older, the extra time she allowed her was well spent on her predominant activity: counseling. As a mother and wife, she dedicates her current efforts to disseminating information and advice to other women who may not have been as educated and fortunate as she was. Most of what she does right now has to do with civil rights issues and the issues that come with women being in positions of malpractice and all that can leave them unprotected from harm.

However, we’re sure much of her effort is spent advising her notorious husband, Mr. Bobby Kotick, the man who made a fortune from gaming. There is no denying that her kind and positive nature has led her husband to make dangerous but eventually wise decisions regarding his business and her activity.

Nina Kotick is without a doubt a role model, she is a positive influence on the people she has managed to help and see a better future and a better position in her life. Many have wondered what a woman should be like to have a powerful man by her side as her husband, and the answer is simple. She is kind, dedicated, hard-working and, above all, she does everything with passion. This is the main reason why she is the role model that everyone loves and respects.

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